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School schedules, learning spaces, student groupings and personnel configurations have all been affected by Covid-19. These educational structures have been disrupted and have to be re-imagined. What Bold Moves can we take to ensure that digital learning environments are as effective as traditional ones?


The gap between onsite and online learning may not be as wide as we think and used together might be the perfect hybrid learning environment. Learning in a virtual classroom offers opportunities and advantages for students of all types.


Tomorrow’s Education Network is a nonprofit dedicated to providing professional support and curriculum innovation to teachers of tomorrow.

Our leadership counseling, teacher coaching and curriculum support services help educators create classrooms and school systems that engage and prepare learners for success in any learning environmen


We partner with school groups to help them navigate remote and hybrid learning communities, and motivate students through these unprecedented times.


This multi-media platform is a resource for teachers, administrators and curriculum designers in need of support to develop and deliver flexible and meaningful learning experiences for students.


The site offers:

  • self-paced courses, resources and downloads
  • demonstration videos and presentations
  • curriculum design tools, teaching protocols and samples

All subscriptions include access to our self-paced courses - Introduction to Curriculum Mapping and Standards-Based Grading and Reporting.

Curriculum Mapping and Assessment Design

with Heidi Hayes Jacobs, Marie Hubley Alcock

2 Days Online | 12 Credit Hours

Curriculum Mapping and Assessment Design begins with a focus on establishing a mission for curriculum mapping and a strategy for implementation within your school.

We also guide participants through upgrading unit maps and the integration of assessment data into curriculum maps to improve student performance. Coaching is customized to meet the needs of each school group in attendance.

Designing Structures for Modern Learning
with Heidi Hayes Jacobs, Marie Hubley Alcock

2 Days Online | 12 Credit Hours

Designing Structures for Modern Learning will examine expanding the options for each of the four structures that make modern learning possible: schedules, learning spaces, student grouping, and personnel configurations.

We will look at the relationship between these structures, and how to research and develop programs tailored to the student population in your school. Action plans will be developed during the workshop.

Tomorrow's Education Network has partnered with Songmasters LLC to develop and deliver a collaboratively-conceived education and youth development project. 


The American Road is a music-driven education, community civic engagement, and multimedia initiative grounded in a comprehensive history and civic curriculum for secondary students.  It will introduce youth in their formative years to history’s challenges, to the gift and responsibility of being the heirs of our democracy,  and to constructive ways to address today’s real-world needs. Learn More