Tomorrow's Education Network has partnered with Songmasters LLC to develop and deliver a collaboratively-conceived education and youth development project. 


The American Road is a music-driven education, community civic engagement, and multimedia  initiative grounded in a comprehensive history and civic curriculum for secondary students.  It will introduce youth in their formative years to history’s challenges, to the gift and responsibility of being the heirs of our democracy,  and to constructive ways to address today’s real-world needs.


Through The American Road, hundreds of historically important songs -  in original versions and through more than 50 contemporary covers re-cast and re-imagined by some of today’s biggest recording artists - will serve as windows through which secondary students across the country can actively engage in music-driven, multi-disciplinary explorations of modern American history while also drawing on literature, science, the arts and more. It has a  bold and agile technology platform -  The American Road Tapestry - to make new digital resources and activities easily accessible at little or no cost and a strong media and entertainment platform to amplify the program’s reach and impact through events and original programming that attract the full spectrum of our nation's youth.  Together, these elements bring to life the compelling story of our imperfect journey as a people, how our journey has created the nation we are today and sets our future path toward a more perfect union.  We will keep you posted as this work develops and launches in schools by 2022.

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