CONNECTICUT |  May 29, 30, 31 - 2018

Curriculum Mapping & Assessment Design


This Boot Camp begins with a focus on establishing a mission for curriculum mapping and a strategy for implementation within your school. We also guide participants through upgrading unit maps and the integration of assessment data into curriculum maps to improve student performance. Onsite coaching is customized to meet the needs of each school group in attendance.
Day 1 Curriculum Mapping Fundamentals

The first day provides a core understanding of mapping and the foundation for a robust and effective curriculum improvement initiative at your school.

Establishing Your Mission for Mapping | Whether your work is driven by a need to align to specific standards or to a particular pedagogy, we will help you develop a genuine purpose for your program that will directly impact curriculum and assessment decisions.  We will consider your student population, existing leadership structure and the opportunity to develop site based teaching and learning councils.

Procedures for Launching Curriculum Mapping |
You will receive guidance on how to get started with a curriculum mapping program at your school. We'll cover developing unit maps, constructing quality rubrics for assessment, and selecting and developing supporting technology. We will examine sample maps and case studies that demonstrate effective planning and communication within and between faculty, and discuss opportunities to improve learner performance through documentation.

Days 2 and 3 Professional Development Planning

Small group work and 1-on-1 coaching on days two and three allow participants the time and guidance needed to identify quality unit maps and assessments, and develop action plans that support school goals.


Integrating Assessment Data into Curriculum Maps | Together we will evaluate strategies for curriculum integration and devise a plan that meets your specific school assessment needs. We'll look at gap analysis and the collaborative inquiry process to examine student work. We will provide guidance around organizing and engaging staff in meaningful dialogue with the intended outcome of developing a consensus map that reflects your school groups mission and required benchmarks.

Upgrading Maps for the Contemporary Learner | We will share tools, resources and strategies to review maps with the goal of deliberate ‘upgrading’. We will focus on the strategic replacement of dated content, skills, and assessments with current information. A specific focus will be on cultivating the new literacies - digital, media, global.


Onsite Coaching | Personalized strategy sessions support the development of an action plan for moving the work forward at your school.


By the end of this 3-day workshop, you will have both a professional development plan and a curriculum innovation program that reflects the modern classroom.


CONNECTICUT |  May 29, 30, 31 - 2018

Curriculum Mapping & Assessment Design


Racebrook School
107 Grannis Road
Orange, CT 06477



1-Day Curriculum Mapping Fundamentals

May 29 | 9:00a - 5:00p

$397 or $367 for groups of 4 or more


3-Day Curriculum Mapping Boot Camp

May 29 - 30 | 9:00a - 5:00p

May 31 | 9:00a - 4:30p

$1,017 or $957 for groups of 4 or more


call Joyce @ 727-735-5820


Breakfast and lunch provided.

Meet me in Orange, CT

Dr. Marie Hubley Alcock is the founder of Tomorrow’s Education Network, a nonprofit dedicated to connecting the greater community with students in the classroom to improve student literacy. She is also president of Learning Systems Associates and serves as a national and international education consultant. Her work focuses on the areas of curriculum, instruction, and assessment.


She is a featured consultant and co-author with Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs on Bold Moves for Schools: How We Create Remarkable Learning Environments and Mapping to the Core: Integrating the Common Core Curriculum into your Local School Curriculum (SINET).